Week 2 Monday Musings

    Another crazy week! Who would have thought that Edmonton, Calgary and Hamilton would all be 0-2!? Let's look at historic offensive lows, Vernon Adams, and if alarms should be sounding for any of the above three teams.


    It is no secret that offences have not quite hit their stride yet. Scores are waaaay down, which is to be somewhat expected with the longer-than-usual layoff. This offensive slump has been almost exclusively driven by poor passing play, as seen below:
    Passing efficiency is down to an all-time seasonal low, even lower than 2014, where one QB threw for more than 4000 yards, and there were almost more interceptions than TD passes. I certainly would expect passers to get back on track, as they get back into the swing of things. Also, if you are looking for Ottawa, they broke the scale and are not pictured. On the other hand, here is rushing:
    Though rushing efficiency has dropped, it is not near as severe as passing.

    Vernon Adams

    Vernon Adams continues to be my favourite player to watch in the CFL. He put together a fairly pedestrian looking stat line (13/21 for 211 and 2 TDs), but that really did not do his game justice. He chucked the ball downfield a ton, averaging a 16 yard depth of throw. This is the 3rd deepest average depth of throw in a game ever, coming in behind 2018 Money Manziel, and 2017 Bo Levi Mitchell, who threw 5 and 3 less passes, respectively. 
    As well, though a completion percentage of 62 does not jump off the page, he actually completed more passes than expected based on how far he was throwing the ball down the field. 

    Montreal could be very, very good if Adams keeps this up.


    I'm officially pressing the panic button for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. They have not shown anything on either side of the ball whatsoever. Masoli has not been his pre-injury self, sitting at a measly 5.8 yards per attempt with 4 interceptions. The O-line is also not doing him or the replacement Dane Evans any favours, with the Hamilton QBs taking 7 sacks in 2 games. The saving grace for Hamilton could be their schedule, as there is a real chance that this run of Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and next week Montreal are the three best teams in the league. 

    Probably wrongly, I'm still somewhat optimistic on Edmonton. They have been able to move the ball in both of their games, but cannot seem to avoid hugely negative plays (pick 6s, punt return touchdowns) and continually settle for field goals. Trevor Harris has a great track record (not in the redzone though), but it has been rough for him to start, taking 7 sacks in 2 games along with 3 picks. It still seems like all of the talent is there, they just need a few bounces to get rolling.

    As for Calgary, I'm not 100% sure what to make of them. I did feel as though I was low on them coming into the year, as my model has never been a big Bo Levi fan. With that said, it clearly seems as though Bo Levi is not completely healthy, but the defence has been as big of an issue, giving up 10 yards per pass attempt. Now, it looks as if Michael O'Connor will start, making the year even more of an uphill battle.