ET Stats Football is built for Canadian Football junkies. This project was initially something I started in University, as a way to improve my newly-learned statistical analysis skills. As I moved forward in my life, ET Stats Football was that fun project I would come back to every summer. I would look back at code I had written previously and laugh at how it was seemingly held together with duct tape. Now, finally, it has all come together and I hope I have put something together that inspires discussion and research into the Canadian Football Game. 
    On me: The short of it is I am a Professional Daily Fantasy Sports player. For a multitude of sports (football, basketball, baseball) I bet on player performances. The long of it is I consider myself a professional decision maker. Each time I am putting money into a contest, I am making decisions about which players are either going to play well or not. Of course, this decision making process leans heavily on algorithms, optimization, and simulation, but also includes me, personally, understanding weaknesses in models, and looking deeper into the data and trying to decipher things that my models miss. 
    The goal of the site is to work towards a clearer view of decision making and true understanding in what is going on in the Canadian Football League. Statistics like average depth of target, expected catches & the percentage of time a team is leading are all things that are tricky to find elsewhere. I hope that many of these new-age statistics, including Expected Points, can become commonplace, as we learn and discover more about Canadian Football. 
    I hope to keep up with the website content-wise, putting out a few articles every now and then on things happening in the league, different strategy choices, etc. A season preview will be coming very soon, with simulations of the season informing my predictions for each team. As a small note, there are plenty of issues with the data. Lots of them have been taken care of, but just don't be shocked if something looks a little bit crazy. Occasionally, rushes are coded as passes, (as below), or scores are updated before the scoring play actually takes place. I will try to fix most of them, however, it may take a bit.
    My current fav game to look at is Trevor Harris' best game of his career, a 46-27 win over Hamilton in the East Final in 2018.

    I encourage you to look around and click on various games, players, and teams. Let me know what you like & don't like, and maybe some questions. My Twitter is @et_stats.

    I'd like to give a big thanks to a few people who have helped me out. Firstly, the guys at NflFastR have been amazing with their open-source code. Likewise, my friends Tiger & Matthew, who have pushed me hard and been extremely supportive throughout the process of building ET Stats Football.